All is Well – Kapil Sharma recovers from back injury

Those close to Kapil Sharma say he’s been taking the slim-down way too seriously. “He’s a foodie. But since he signed KKPK, he’s stopped snacking completely, a habit he picked up after years of doing comedy shows. His meals are now strictly diet-controlled. His workout sessions would last at least two hours every morning and an hour in the evening,” says a source. One of these rigorous workout sessions apparently caused a back injury and the actor was recommended complete bed-rest for a few weeks.

Says Sharma, “I was on bed-rest for quite a while. The injury took place when I went to Rajasthan to shoot a song for my film. I overdid the work-out. Aisa nahin karna chahiye tha. Everything must be in moderation. I’m healing now.”

Kapil is undergoing physiotherapy with Dr Ali Irani, the doctor who watches the back of the cricket team. He says, “We have only two more songs to shoot for the film before we begin with the promotions.”

Well, we wish Kapil Sharma a speedy Recovery!

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