Jennifer Aniston knew she had to do ‘everything possibly’ to get her ‘hat in the ring’ for the lead role in ‘Cake’.


Aniston, 45, is back on the big screen later this month with ‘Cake’ and the movie has already seen her win critical acclaim and award nominations, reported Femalefirst.


“Cake tops my list of experiences, and I’ve had some extraordinary experiences. It wasn’t a knock-down, drag-out fight, but it was offered to other actresses that you would expect a part like that would go to. It just really grabbed me hard, and I just knew that I wanted to do everything I possibly could to just get my hat in the ring. That moment happened when I could sit in the room with
(director) Daniel (Barnz_, and I said, ‘I will take no shortcuts. I will go to the moon and back. I know what this requires’. And god love him,” she said. Aniston has already picked up Best Actress nominations at the Golden Globes and Screen Actors Guild for her performance.

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