Phones in Bollywood – Who uses what

SRK with Apple | Salman with Blackberry | Aamir with Android
SRK with Apple | Salman with Blackberry | Aamir with Android

In the smartphone battlefield there have been many losers, but no outright winner yet. While Android and iPhone both fight it out for the top spot in smartphone sales, Bollywood is one big iPhone monopoly.

While we have been chronicling the tech tales of the stars, we also took a deeper look at the Twitter habits of the who’s who of Bollywood to find out which platforms do they tweet from the most. 

We did expect to find a lot of them sending out tweets from iPhones and all of them appear to do so, but there are a few very notable exceptions.

The Big B of Bollywood is also a big tweeterer with over 14 million followers or over 40 thousand tweets. But much of Amitabh Bachchan’s tweets are not sent from an iPhone or an Android device but they are posted via the good ol’ Twitter Web client. Bachchan stands out from the rest of Bollywood also because no one else appears to tweet as much from a desktop device.

The Android versus iPhone fight from supremacy gives rise to intense debates and fanatic following quite like the battle of the three Khans of Bollywood. The difference in their films and personalities also extends to their choice of devices. While Shah Rukh Khan, in tune with the greater Bollywood, appears to be an iPhone user. Salman Khan stands out from the fraternity (and also much of the world) with a BlackBerry device. A majority of the @beingsalmankhan’s tweets that we analysed were sent from a BlackBerry device. 

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Android, the choice of the aam aadmi, hasn’t found much currency with the khasam khas of filmdom. But then Aamir Khan, even in this, is different. But at the same time, a few stray tweets from @aamir_khan indicate that they have been sent from an iOS device.

The only other non-iPhone user we could find amongst the prominent Bollywood twitterati is Vishal Dadlani and the music director also appears to be an Android loyalist as all the tweets from @VishalDadlani in our sample were sent via Twitter’s Android app.

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