Shweta Bhardwaj ready for Playboy cover

Despite a noticing debut in Mission Istanbul, actress Shweta Bhardwaj couldn’t cash in on the success of the movie and after doing few puny flicks, she returned to her roots i.e modelling. Shweta is now back in tinsel town with Ram Bhajan Zindabad, where she is playing ‘Dilli Rani’.

“My character is of a prostitute and a dancer, who dreams to be a politician one day. The movie is actually a political satire. The film is about a poor lay man and will leave you shaken and amused simultaneously,” elaborates Shweta.
The damsel is known for her care-a-damn attitude and is open to play any bold role. Ask her about this and she starts laughing. “Really, I don’t think ten times before saying. I guess that’s why I love making statements. Just kidding. Bold roles are not something I plan in life when work comes to me. Sometimes I think about it and then I leave it to my manager.”

Speaking about today’s trends of actresses doing bold scenes or posting nude pics on social networking sites, she defends, “No one is forcing people to watch them. Don’t create an opinion about others without knowing them. Nude pictures can look beautiful but depends how well they are taken or how fine you are looking in the photos. Sex is actually in your mind so don’t make nudity a big deal. It is overrated. Even today’s kids don’t make sex a big deal anymore.”

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