Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman to be accused of selling Simmi’s daughter

In the last episode, we saw Ishita(Divyanka Tripathi) barging into the court an stopping Simmi and Subbu’s(Amit Tandon) wedding. She stated that upon speaking to Shaila Bhua in London she was informed that Subbu is a dangerous man and isn’t right to marry Simmi. The bhallas were shocked and Subbu enraged. He grabbed Ishita by the neck and tried to kill her. He was stopped by Raman(Karan Patel), who shoved him aside and warned him to keep away from Ishita. Subbu left, vouching that he will destroy the Bhallas. Meanwhile, Ishita was trying to figure out as to why Subbu was hell bent on seeking revenge against her family. The episode ended with her telling Raman that they should visit Subbu’s psychiatrist and tell her about his attack on Ishita, so that they could get some information out of the doctor.

In the upcoming episode, a shocking turn of events will take place where Raman will be accused of selling Simmi’s daughter.We are guessing this story will be planted by Subbu where a breaking news item will present Raman as a rich businessman who sold Simmi’s little girl Ananya to get a sum of Rs 15 lakhs! The Bhallas will be shocked with this accusation. Ishita on the other hand will be joined by Hamari Adhuri Kahani’s Vidya Balan, who will promote her upcoming film on the show. She and Ishita will look into Subbu’s medical records and try and figure out the incidents from his past.

Well what can be said? After all YHM has been able to keep it’s popularity with audiences in India and abroad afloat. Keep watching YHM……

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