Indian Economy will Resurge, says minister Preneet Kaur

    NEW YORK (TIP): Preneet Kaur, Minister of State for External Affairs was highly optimistic of Indian economy’s resurgence at a reception organized by the Consulate General of India, in New York, in her honor October 18. The minister admitted that although India braved the first global meltdown in the year 2008, the second one has left the country slightly affected.

    “We all know that in this century, India has done very well. However, we are slightly affected by the current meltdown, although we managed the first one. But this one has surely affected us more,” said the Minister during her address at the event. However, the minister said that she is hopeful that the economy will resurface from the current growth bracket of 5 to 6 percent and once again regain the title of fastest growing economy.

    After speaking at the UN Security Council on the subject of tackling global terrorism, Preneet Kaur once again stressed on the importance of having all UN member states to stand united for the fight against terrorism. “We expect that the UN will pass this law against terrorism. We have been asking for this for many years now. And we hope to see it coming to a logical conclusion. Terrorism is not standalone, it can surface anywhere in the world. It knows no religion or citizenship and the world must unite to fight it,” said the Minister

    The minister has continually been addressed by the title of ‘Maharani’. Besides the term being considered ancient and out of usage, many politicians including President Pranab Mukherjee have asked for the removal of such titles for politicians

    When asked whether she felt embarrassed when people addressed her as “Maharani” Preneet Kaur explained such referral was very common among the people of Punjab and she did not deem it embarrassing. “It’s something that through love and respect the people of Patiala and Punjab do refer to us by. I think it’s more of an expression of respect and love and that’s how I take it. It doesn’t matter how they say it, either calling me Shrimati or Maharani. It is about who says it and where. And I appreciate whichever way anyone speaks to me,” added the Minister.

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    The Minister also advised the dignitaries and guests present at the event to give first priority to India and then consider other affiliations and accreditations in order to uphold India’s honor. The minister refrained from remarking on further issues, as she was feeling severely under the weather. Other prominent dignitaries at the event included the host Consul General Mr. Prabhu Dayal, Members of Parliament, Mr. Nandkumar Sai of BJP, Trinamool Congress’s Derek O’Brien and Ambassador Manjeev Singh Puri.

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