Mangano Vanquishes Challenger Suozzi

    LONG ISLAND, NY (TIP): Edward P Mangano must congratulate himself that he not only retained his position as Nassau County Executive but has further fortified it, as is evident from the big margin of 20% over his challenger Tom Suozzi. While in the neighboring New York City, Democrats made it big, Democrats in Nassau County will have to rue a long time for losing this make or mar election. Mangano played his cards well. He knew from experience that people do not like their money to be taken away. So, he made sure he would not raise taxes. Again, Tom’s campaign, as before, lacked push and power which one could see in abundance in the case of Ed Mangano. Let us hope, Mangano will find it a smooth going despite the financial difficulties that the County is in. Debts have to be paid off or else the interest will kill the County. And then the inevitable may happen. Either tax or collapse. That Mangano has to keep in mind.

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