No change for common man in India

    The world is watching the goings on in the largest democracy of the world which goes to polls this month and the following. It is widely believed that successive governments in India have not lived up to expectations of the people who have felt cheated again and again.

    It will be interesting to see whether rhetoric will make a clean sweep of the elections. Also, it is probably for the first time that the campaign of at least one party that is seeking to come to power on the charisma of one man alone, has gone hi-tech, much to the disadvantage of the parties not aware of the power and the technique of hi-tech propaganda and publicity.

    Another interesting thing to watch will be the impact of the arrival on scene of Aaam Aadmi Party. Whatever happens, for the common man in India, not much is going to change, given the mindset and character of the country’s politicians.

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