Not a Trustworthy Neighbor

    Indians need to be proud of their achievements in the last 65 years that India has been a Republic. They have a reason to be happy, looking at their neighbor, who started off almost, with the same advantage of democracy, but is far removed from a democratic temper. The result, a near anarchy prevails there. However, India would not have bothered what the neighbor was going through had it not been for the spill over of that anarchy across India’s borders.


    The whole world knows by now what Pakistan is up to. The elements Pakistan nourished to foment trouble for India have done enough harm within the Pakistani borders. Whether or not Pakistan will ever learn a lesson is a difficult question to answer. But, surely enough the world knows Pakistan’s character and India has learnt not to trust the neighbor.


    As India celebrates the 65th anniversary of Republic Day, people have  the satisfaction that  their nation  is a functional democracy and republic, unlike the neighbor who suffers the pangs  of an uncertain  democracy, always on the brink of slipping in to a dictatorship of military.

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    Happy Republic Day!

    Author: Prof I.S.Saluja

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