Parents are Responsible for Daughter’s Plight

    Iam writing this letter about Mumbai girl victim compiled by Dave Makkar in March 1 edition. I read the sad story of Mumbai girl who became victim of matrimony fraud. It has happened to many girls. Punjab has most of these cases. In these cases, girl’s parents are fully responsible for this situation. Because they don’t show any courage to ask the boy about the proof of his job, income etc.

    They know that there is big lines of girls for that boy and they don’t want to lose that boy. The boy’s parents take big advantage of that. In old days, the girl’s parent only saw the khandan of the boy. It is the same thing that girl’s parent only saw the boy is from abroad. It is strange that educated parents and even educated girls become ready to marry a boy without asking about his job and qualification. In many cases, the girl’s parents blindly believe on boy and his parents’ stories. There are many educated girls who are doing those jobs which need no qualifications abroad. Those girls could get good qualified jobs and husband in India.

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