Readers Write : FIA Expose

    Ramesh Patel making FIA expose disrespect to Gujaratis

    It has come to my notice that Mr. Ramesh Patel is making the issue of exposure of FIA’s various violations as an issue of disrespect to entire Gujarati community. He is being supported by those who are defrauding charitable organizations FIA style. For me exposing FIA is about exposing individuals who are bringing bad name to their own community, doing corruption and misusing public funds. I am not against any community as my past speaks for itself I have raised issues against Hindu, Sikh, Muslim and Christian Leaders of Indian origin from different states as well as politicians of NJ and Washington.

    Although I respect all the states, union territories and every religion of India for India being the birth place of my religion Hinduism but two states have special place in my life. First is Punjab for being the birth place of my ancestors and second is Gujarat being the birth place of my idol Mahatma Gandhi. Then who will not admire Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel for integrating 565 princely estates in to one nation India? I had the good luck to briefly associate with the architect of modern India; Dhirubhai Ambani. Then I admire Gujaratis like Lord Bhikhu Parekh an eminent political theorist, Dr. Bhupi Patel in the field of medicines, a philanthropist and a great New Yorker, Kal Penn aka Kalpesh Modi a Great New Jerseyan, actor, producer and civil servant with the distinction of serving President Obama; for bringing glory to every Indian.

    I do not consider any one as my enemy even if I have differences with them on matters of principles and the system that is being advocated and recommended. I strongly believe multi racial, lingual and religious history of India is indeed very complex. It is culturally, socially and politically intertwined extending beyond thousands of years with a message that we are all brothers and sisters the children of one God.

    Dave Makkar

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    Congratulations FIA for inducting first Pakistani Islamic member to your board

    I would like to take this opportunity in congratulating, through the columns of your esteemed weekly, the FIA on inducting Sam Khan, the first Pakistani Islamic member to their board. It is really heartening to see that an organization such as FIA has taken such a huge step keeping aside all racial indifferences. In today’s day with such religious turmoil brewing all over the world between USA and the Islamic community, they have not forgotten that the human bond comes first and I believe this step has been taken keeping only that in mind. I, as a fellow human being, salute the FIA and support them in this decision. We cannot judge others by their ethnicity but by their deeds.
    Thanks & Regards,

    Alisha Khan

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