Thank you, Governor

    New Yorkers must be grateful to Governor Cuomo for announcing on Ju ly 2 the formation of the “Commission to Investigate Public Corruption” under the Moreland Act and Executive Law Section 63(8) to probe systemic public corruption and the appearance of such corruption in state government , political campaigns and elections in New York State. Attorney General Eric Schneiderman needs to be thanked for his assertion of commitment to deal firmly with matters of public corruption .

    He announced he will appoint the members of the Commission as Deputy Attorneys General. giving the Commission broad-based authority to investigate all matters that “involve public peace , public safety, and public justice .” The Indian Panorama welcomes the setting up of the commission and the pronouncements of the Governor and the Attorney General. In fact , we thank the duo for initiating measures to curb political corruption in the State. In fact, a couple of months ago, we had raised in the columns of The Indian Panorama the issue of corruption in fundraising for Nassau County officials and the Attorney General had taken note of the comment and assured us that he “will certainly keep these comments in mind as I continue to fight for your rights , and policies that will benefit all New Yorkers”. That was on May 20, 2013. We are happy to note that a serious effort to curb political corruption is being made and would like to wish Governor Cuomo and Attorn ey General Schneiderman all success.

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