When the first Sikh guru, Nanak Dev, attained manhood, his father gave him 20 rupees and sent him on a trading expedition, impressing upon him that a good bargain makes for a good profit. On his way to buy merchandise, he met a group of sadhus living in a jungle. Nanak noticed the emaciated condition of the naked holy men and decided that the most profitable transaction he could make with his father’s money would be to feed and clothe them.When he returned home empty handed, his father punished him. Insisting that true profit is to be had in selfless service, Guru Nanak established the principal of langar.


    Tradition of Langar:
    Where ever the gurus traveled or held court, people gathered for divine discourse. Mata Khivi, wife ofAngad Dev, the second guru, made sure to provide langar, and participated in the service of distribution. Communal contributions and combined efforts of the people helped to organize the guru’s free kitchen based on the principals of:

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