Third Front Is Workable

    The idea of a third front, after all is not a new idea. It is also not a bad idea. If the agenda worked out by the collaborating parties is carefully crafted and taken to people there is no reason why people will not vote for it. However, real problems arise after the victory is achieved. It is then that the fight starts for getting the best ministerial positions.

    If the leaders of the partner parties can ensure there will be no infighting within the front for portfolios there is a lot that it can deliver if it conscientiously executes the agenda. People of India are tired of both the major partiesthe Congress and the BJP. They will welcome a change. They will be ready to experiment for once with any alternative. Regional parties have enough talent and they also have a strong voter base that can stand the third front in good stead.

    They already have the experience of governing and some of these parties have proved their mettle and endeared themselves to people. Let them come together in the interest of the nation and its people and give to the country responsible governance, free from corruption and a new dawn to the people of India.

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