Time to act tough with Naxals

    Minister for Rural Development, Jairam Ramesh may not be wrong when he says, “You can’t have a dialogue with people who don’t want to have a dialogue. Maoists are not here for tribal welfare.” His equating Maoists with terrorists may also be acceptable. Here are a people who are openly challenging the constitution of India and the constitutionally elected government of the states. Here are a people who are a government to themselves.

    They may not be separatists as the Khalistanis demanding a separate homeland are. They may not be Kashmiri secessionists demanding an independent Kashmir. They may not be the a people demanding a Bodoland or a Gorkhaland. But the fact is they are a people who are a danger to a civilized law abiding civil society. And when they in their lawlessness create anarchy they have to be treated as terrorists. No dialogue seems to be working with them.

    There are reports that over the years the reds have become redder and have grown in strength. Their area of operation and influence has grown larger. Their cadres have grown. One wonders when these facts are known to the central government and the affected state governments why are they complacent. Are they waiting for the day when Naxals will take over larger areas and convert the human habitations in to graveyards. It is time to sit up, think hard and act fast and with determination. Delay could bring greater misery to people, harder times for law enforcing authorities and a serious challenge to democratic structure of the nation.

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