Trivedis Pack New York Love to London

    NEW YORK (TIP): Bank of Baroda Chief Executive for US Operations, Mr. Dhimant Trivedi has been posted to London office as Chief of European Operations and leaves on November 30. He has been succeeded by Ashok Kumar Garg. Bank of Baroda, November 26, organized a get together to bid farewell to Mr. Dhimant Trivedi and the new incumbent Mr. Ashok Kumar Garg. The get together was attended by a large number that included Ambassador Dnyaneshwar Mulay, Consul General of India in New York, representatives of State Bank of India, Bank of India, Air India, clients of Bank of Baroda, many friends of the Trivedis, and, of course, the staff of Bank of Baroda. Company Executives come and go. There are usual receptions to welcome and bid farewell. But there are some who are not the treated to the “usual” reception alone.


    Consul General Mulay joined Trivedis and their friends at a farewell dinner hosted by Prof. Indrajit S Saluja at the Mint in Manhattan. Seen in the picture (sitting, L to R): Ranju Batra, Priyanka Pattanaik, Sulochana Pattanaik, Yamini Trivedi, Swati Vaishnav (Standing L to R): Pramoda K. Pattanaik, Indrajit Saluja, Sudhir Vaishnav, Dhimant Trivedi, Sanal Kumar, Ambassador Mulay, Master Mohinder Singh, Ravi Batra, Atul Kumria, Jagdish Sewhaney, Rajeev Bhambri, Trilok Malik and Herman Singh.

    They are special and get the special treatment. Dhimant Pradyuman Trivedi, Chief Executive of Bank of Baroda for US Operations and his lovely wife Yamini, over a period of close to three years in New York, had endeared themselves to so many. They were admired, loved and sought after for the finest qualities of head and heart they have been endowed with. Mr. Trivedi, who has been known to be a hard taskmaster, was also loved by the staff of the bank for his simple way of life and his passion for taking bank to higher heights in USA. Bank of Baroda, during his tenure from September 24, 2010 when he took over from another wonderful person, Mr. K.D. Lamba, who incidentally was posted to London as Chief of European Operations, the post that Mr. Trivedi has now been posted to, made a remarkable progress. The overall business growth has been substantial, with internet banking facility introduced only recently. His efforts to have the Bank’s own residential property yielded results and his successor now has the privilege of staying in his own spacious apartment in New York City.

    The social life of Mr. Trivedi and Yamini Trivedi who, is a wonderful person with literary and artistic tastes, has rather been hectic. The fun loving and sociable couple has been part of the various social and cultural circles in New York. So, when the news of the transfer of Mr. Trivedi to London reached his friends, there was a clamor to have the family over farewell dinner. I have been to some of them. I managed to avoid some simply because it was proving to be a surfeit for me. I was lucky to have managed to get Trivedis’ assent to one that I hosted which was well attended. Mr. Dnyaneshwar Mulay, India’s Consul General and some of the close friends of Trivedis attended. Ravi and Ranju Batra hosted one. Yet another was hosted jointly by Kirti and Versha Bhatia and Nitin and Sangeeta Parikh at Bhatias’ home in Long Island which was marked by fun and dancing. There were a couple of others also who hosted farewell dinner for the family. The bank staff, of course, hosted one. It surely is an expression of love for a wonderful family which will be sorely missed. Also missed will be their lovely and talented daughter, Chandni, who as President of CORD, New York, a charitable organization, has been deeply involved in the rural education projects of the organization. The Indian Panorama wishes the Trivedis all health, happiness and luck in their new city of residence.

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