Turkey Coup

    “In a nation, citizens proud to be Turks, that democratically elected their government, a military coup, even if patriotic in motive, is the ultimate insult of the people – to replace their choice of leadership.

    If the military feels that they are better, Turks, or anything else in any other nation, let them resign their military commission and face the voters’ judgment on a ballot – democracy’s judgment.

    Turkey is an important nation, not just on a Google map connecting the East with the West, but because it’s a bridge between cultures, continents and religions – and as America’s ally. That Turkey is a NATO member, makes the Coup even more offensive.

    As Kazakh president Nazarbeyev’s 21st century manifesto declared, in my words, “war on war,” any Coup anywhere is an offense against every nation under law.

    So, I humbly ask the patriotic but misguided Turkish soldiers to return to the barracks and defend Turkey’s sovereignty.”

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