Weaving a dream world for Indian voters

    Ask for heavens and Indian politicians will give you. I marvel the ingenuity of Indian politicians who have found the easiest way to woo the voters. Promise them moon and stars. Tell them again and again that you are different from other politicians. Tell them how much you care for them. And if you have been in the opposition you have all the advantage.

    You can always recount the failures of the governing party; criticize it for even its successes. You have many more ways to attract the voters to your side. Tell them of the scandals of the government and the ruling party/ parties and all those associated with governance. Tell them how badly government treated them, denied them their rights, snatched from them what was legitimately theirs. And promise them to turn the tide in their favor, if they voted you to power.

    These extremely intelligent politicians know the voters are disenchanted with the ruling party and will need just a little persuasion to give them the oxygen they so badly need. They make sure they unleash a super duper marketing campaign to sell them to these voters. And with all the media- print, electronic and social- at their command, it does not need much effort to reach out to the billions in India. So, every day new dreams are created. Every day new visions of growth and prosperity are conjured. Flying on the wings of dreams, Indian voter enters a heaven of the creation of the wily politicians. I sometimes wonder how rhetoric and propaganda have such an impact on the mind of people. I will be sorry for India if the two ultimately cloud the judgment of Indian voters.

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