Manohar Singh Toor’s life story is an example of the American dream come true. Through hard work, perseverance and effort,Mr. Toor overcame simple beginnings to become an American success story. He is a shining example of what Punjabi focus, grit and determination can accomplish. Manohar Singh Toor arrived to the United States in 1982. His first two years in the U.S. were spent working in the California farm fields. By 1984, he had decided to take on the challenge of New York. Upon arriving in New York, he took various odd jobs available to him until he could get his own construction business underway. In 1986, he marched up one rung of the ladder of success by opening his own construction company. As luck would have it, god granted him the best support and partner he could have, as he was married to Apinderjit in 1987.

After making his construction company a success, he purchased his first gas station business in 2005. As with all things he has put his mind to, the gas station business flourished to the point where he now has several stations.With the success and blessings he has received, Mr. Toor recognized the necessity to remember his roots and to give back to his community so that others may have the same success he obtained. Mr. Toor thus began a lifelong pursuit of community service. For example, he has worked for the last couple of years by volunteering his time and effort with the L.I. India Day Parade committee. Further, he has provided expertise and money to public projects in Jalandhar and Amritsar. Additionally, he has provided material support to numerous Sikh temples here in New York. Finally, he is proud of the time and energy he has devoted to various associations to support Kabaddi tournaments. These tournaments provide a slice of home to recent Punjabi immigrants and give an outlet for young Punjabis to focus their energies. He currently lives in East Meadow with his loving wife Apinderjit and three children, Simran, Harry and Kabir.

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