Accessorise your room

Do your accessories make you happy or are they there because you have had them forever? Go through every single thing you consider an accessory and decide why you have it. If it accents the colours in the room, if it has fond memories connected with it, if it works with your room, then keep it.

If it does nothing for the room and is not an emotional attachment, get rid of it! There are so many new things out there which will add punch to your rooms, that changing accessories may be all you need to update your look. New, updated picture frames for your favourite photos, fresh flowers for those tired arrangements, new lampshades, new candles; chenille throws to replace old worn ones, even new slipcovers! For those who are really tired of the look as they scan their homes, try replacing small furniture pieces like coffee tables, end tables, and some lamps.

It is amazing how much these touches can update and refresh a look. You don’t have to spend a fortune either. Buy used pieces and repaint them “your way”. Buy unfinished pieces and stain them or dye them! And the colour choices are endless. Now look at your linens. Do they look tired and boring? I can fall in love with a great comforter and a few years later, I am totally bored with it.

Tastes change. You change. So change things around you to reflect the changes. Find a new comforter that makes your heart sing. And your bedroom! A single comforter goes a long way. And while you are at it, treat yourself to some luxury linens. Nothing feels better than high thread count sheets. Yummy! Without breaking the bank, you can add and subtract some accessories to give your home a new fresh look.

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