After Mangalyan’s success, Isro gears up for four satellite launches

BHOPAL (TIP): After its successful Mangalyan mission, Indian Space Research Organization (Isro) is gearing up for four satellite launches this year. Among them, IRNSS-1D will be the first, which would put in place India’s own navigation system at par with Global Positioning System of the US. And Master control facility (MCF), Isro, Bhopal, will play a big role in round-the-clock tracking and management of the navigational satellites in coordination with MCF, Hassan, Karnataka. Director, public relations, Deviprasad Karnik, told TOI over phone, “The four IRNSS series satellites will be launched to complete the constellation of navigation satellite series.” “MCF, Bhopal is responsible for orbit rising of satellites, in-orbit payload testing, and on-orbit operations all through life of these satellites. MCF activities include round-theclock tracking, telemetry and commanding operations and special operations like eclipse management, station-keeping maneuvre and recovery actions in case of contingencies,” said Karnik. The master control facility interacts with user agencies for effective utilization of satellite payloads and to minimize the service disturbances during special operations. IRNSS-1D is the fourth in the series of seven satellites the national space agency is planning to launch to put in place the Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System. While four satellites would be sufficient to start operations of the system, the remaining three would make it more accurate and efficient. “The GSAT-6 communication satellite will be launched using GSLV rocket and GSAT-15 will be launched from French Guiana, using Ariane rocket of Arianespace,” said Karnik adding in both the GSAT launches, MCF, Bhopal will track and monitor the operations. Earlier, in October 2014, when the third series of navigation satellite (IRNSS-1C) was positioned in a predetermined orbit, it was MCF, Bhopal, which got down to tracking the satellite.

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