Watch out! Sitting has been regarded akin to something as harmful as smoking and having hardly any physical activity is said to be a health hazard. It can lead to painful neck and back aches, decreased insulin sensitivity and increase the risk of stroke and heart attack. What the study said: As per reports, a study revealed that lessening the sitting hours could can help people in protecting the aging of DNA and even possibly extend their lifespan.

It was found that reducing sedentary activity appeared to lengthen telomeres, which sit on the end of chromosomes, the DNA storage units in each cell and longevity and a healthy lifestyle have been linked to telomere length. What can help: Lunch hour workouts are in big demand abroad where employees squeeze in some time in their lunch break to do light exercises. From office yoga, do doing half an hour on a cross trainer and balancing on an exercise ball, there’s a lot you can do. If nothing else, take a walk around the block or try the Stairwell Climb, where ascend and descend the stairs a few times (if you have knee troubles, avoid this).

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