With oriental forts, graceful havelis and acres of white sand, travel attractions in Bikaner, the museum city are numerous. There are a number of Bikaner travel attractions and the most popular ones include: The tourist attractions in Bikaner are the 16 the century Junagarh Fort which has never been conquered. Successive rulers later added thirty-seven palaces, pavilions and temples to the original structure and each has been skillfully built to connect with the previous buildings.

The museum in the fort houses valuable collection of miniature paintings dating back to several centuries. Lalgarh Palace, a major part of which is now a luxury hotel, was designed by Sir Swinton Jacob for Maharaja Ganga Singh almost 90 years ago and has interesting combination of European luxury and oriental fantasy. Ganga Golden Jubilee Museum houses brilliant specimens of Harappan civilization, the Gupta and Kushan era.

Junagarh Fort
Believed to be one of the most prominent forts of Northern India, the Junagarh Fort, grace the pages of history for remaining unconquered for ever. Built in the 15th Century, the Junagarh Fort was constructed under the supervision and instruction of Raja Rai Singh, the trusted general of Akbar. The security of the Junagarh Fort is the biggest asset of this structure. Beside the high walls and the moat, there are a total of 37 bastions that guard the entire fort. There are two gates that open into the Junagarh Fort, the Sun gate or the Suraj Pol is the main entrance.

The Junagarh fort in Bikaner encloses a number of temples, pavilions and 37 palaces. Each of the palaces are a work of art with carved windows, kiosk, hanging balconies and towers. The Moon palace, the Flower palace, the Karan Mahal, and the Anup Mahal are all unique in their own rights. Each of the rooms of the Junagarh fort including the Rang Mahal, Ganga Niwas, Vijai Mahal, and Dungar Niwas are now living museums of the glorious past and grandeur.


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The fort museum displays a range of antique manuscripts, treaties, decorations, jewelery, jars and carpets, arms and weapons. A visit to the Junagarh fort and specially the museum of the fort is like taking a walk down the lanes of history. The mirror works, architectural intricacies and marble panels all add an extra bit of glamor to the Junagarh fort.

Fort Museum
This museum is within the Junagarh fort which itself is a major tourist attraction in Bikaner – Rajasthan. This museum is the store house of some of the most rare antique pieces of weapons, jewels, paintings, first World War biplane etc.

Lalgarh palace
Lalgarh palace is amongst the famous attractions in Bikaner, Rajasthan. It was built by the Maharaja of Bikaner in 1902. The architectural style is Mughal, Rajput and European which attracts the attention of many tourists. Currently, the palace comprises of a museum, a heritage hotel and a luxury hotel.

It is a three storeyed building which is coated completely with red sandstone and this makes the palace look more appealing. The magnificent pillars and the wonderful fireplace in the building make it further magnificent and attractive. This is something that should not be missed when one is in Bikaner.


Shiv Bari Temple
Shiv Bari is another famous attraction in Bikaner. This is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and is built with high walls. The temple was constructed by Maharaja Doongar Singh in the 9th century. There are various religious traditions and customs that are followed in this temple by the local people. The temple also gives an idea of the unique features found in the architecture of Rajasthan.

In fact, the architecture of this temple is splendid, and is built completely of red sandstone. You can also find a wonderful collection of miniature paintings, which is one of the finest representations of the culture of the place. Make sure that when you are in Bikaner, you definitely visit this beautiful and magnificent temple.

Prachina Museum
The Prachina Museum was set up by the Maharaja’s daughter. It was established in the year 2000.The Prachina Museum of Bikaner is of special importance to all the people who take special interest in the field of art and crafts. This place provides a good opportunity for the different kinds of artists to showcase their expertise.

Ganga Golden Jubilee Museum
The Ganga Golden Jubilee Museum was established in the year 1937 by Maharaja Ganga Singh. It is a wonderful storehouse for some of the famous collections of history, artwork and even sculptures. It is placed within the Lalgarh Palace.

There are numerous sections within the museum and these divisions are made on the basis of historical importance and hierarchies. You can also expect to find sculptures from the Harappan age, Litho prints of the British Empire and many more. The museum attracts large numbers of tourists from different corners of the world. It is open from 10 am to 5 pm daily except for Fridays and the public holidays. More…

Sadal Museum
Sadul museum is housed in the upper storey of Lalgarh Palace in Bikaner. This museum was received as a donation from His Highness Dr Karnil Singh. The chairperson of the museum is Princess Rajyashree Kumari. If you happen to visit this museum, you can expect to find large numbers of Georgian paintings, rare artifacts and hunting trophies. There are also life-size paintings and photographs that are kept in more than 20 rooms.

In fact, the royal family of Bikaner still resides in one part of the palace. This is one of the main reasons why millions of people are attracted to visit this destination. The usual charge of the museum is Rs. 10 per person. The museum is also dedicated to the lives of three successive kings of Bikaner and their passion for many artifacts.

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