While you can’t prevent the deteriorating effects of ageing, you can slow down memory loss in the long run through brain-driven activities. One of the frightening things about ageing is the loss of memory that comes with it. While one cannot prevent the cognitive decline that comes with age, one can slow them down or even reverse them through productive brain-boosting activities.

TALK TO YOURSELF: Having conversations with yourself isn’t stupidity. Studies have shown that people who talk to themselves are at lower risk of developing dementia. In fact, telling yourself stories might delay memory loss and help you stay focused on important details of day-today living. LEARN A NEW LANGUAGE: Knowing how to speak and write in a new language will add one more feather to your talent cap, boost your confidence and even reverse memory loss.

Learning a new language leads to a better understanding and recognition of objects and words. It leads to improved vocabulary and grammar, as well as more mental and verbal fluency. SOLVE PUZZLES & WORD GAMES: Get cracking at that Sudoku puzzle in the morning paper, the cryptic or classic crossword in your Sunday read or that game of scrabble gathering dust in your top drawer.

Anything that stimulates your mind with new words and word associations helps prevent memory loss. USE MELOTHERAPY: Music therapy, commonly referred to as melotherapy, is an enjoyable way to enhance mental focus. Studies have shown that listening to classical music boosts the brain capacity and verbal skills of babies and teens, music is also a great healer for memory loss. All you have to do is to listen to your favourite genre of music and try to remember the melody or lyrics.

Sing along if you want to! READ MANY BOOKS TOGETHER: Read as many books as you can and try to remember their plots. It doesn’t matter if you are drawn to books, a magazine article or a newspaper report. Use the spare time you get while commuting to work or during breaks to read something other than work-related material

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