Romance is crucial to a happy marriage. There is no element of novelty in a relationship, especially in a marriage without romance. So, if you see romance taking a backseat in your relationship, it’s time fasten your seatbelt and pull out some ideas to bring back the mush element in your life. Here’s how:

Make a trip to a romantic hotspot
This could be one way to getting closer. Choose the same place like where you went to spend your honeymoon to bring back all the sweetest memories or go for another hotspot which you two have been aspiring to go in all these years.

Spend more time together
The busy lifestyle that many couple lead today often takes away the romance component. So try to spend more time together. This will let you both talk about matters close to your heart and will help rekindle your romance.

Express your feelings
You need not shower your spouse with expensive gifts. What is required here is emotional reassurance. So share why your spouse is an important part of your life and make each other feel very special.

Indulge in love making
Most often lack of love making leads to couple distancing themselves from each other or form some opinions on one another. So, getting back to the kind of love making session you had during the initial days of marriage also will help you realise how deeply you care for each other.

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