Decorate your home with diyas, torans and kandeels. Diwali is synonymous with diyas, kandeels and torans. The sheer variety of these items available in the markets these days is inspiring, for you can do a lot with them when it comes to decorating your home for the festive season.

Makeovers are not tough; you just need to open up your mind and let your creative self take wings… A little splash of colour here and some intelligent shuffling of furniture can sometimes lend a dazzling new look to your room. You can begin by asking yourself what exactly you want to change in your home decor and then list out the areas where you want the rangolis, the diyas, the kandeels and the torans. Decorate the entrance of your house with contemporary rangolis: The entrance of your home can be decorated with beautiful contemporary rangolis. There are ready-made rangolis and floating rangolis made with crystals, kundan and mirrors available in the market.

They look very festive and rich. With tealights or diyas on them, they can make your home look warm and welcoming, and lend an unmistakable touch of elegance. You could also opt for traditional rangolis of rice powder, floral rangolis or hire professionals to do portrait rangolis. Light up the corners with diyas: We all know that by simply changing the lighting, one can make a huge difference to how a room looks. So, diyas play a big role here.

Nooks, niches, corners in your rooms can be lit up beautifully. Hang tealights in transparent coloured glass holders: You could hang some diyas or tealights in small coloured glass containers that are a rage in the market this year. They could be suspended from the ceiling over your dining table. That way, the light falls on your table and there is no chance of anyone bumping into them accidentally as well. Use rangoli as a centerpiece in your living room: Using a big rangoli as the main attraction in you living room.

You could add fresh flowers, diyas and tealights to brighten it up. Bring in prosperity with torans and kandeels: Torans and kandeels are a traditional way of decorating your home for Diwali. They add an ethnic touch to your home decor.

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