Do Up Home With Lovely Bamboo Furniture

It’s strong, eco friendly, a tad more expensive than the usual raw materials used. But bamboo furniture and clothing is worth a try. In today’s world where every raw material use demands a thought into sustainability and eco friendliness, use of bamboo as alternative raw material can be a reasonable pick.

While in the North-eastern parts in India, owing to the topography and geographical conditions, bamboo has had found its uses in many variations and utilities, furniture designers and apparel designers are making quick moves in coming up with more feasible and sustainable options with bamboo.

While it may surprise most of us that not only there is research going on in the making of bamboo furniture, but there are lot of experimentations going on about the use of bamboo in textiles, an alternative to cotton. With its biodegradable nature, bamboo comes as a better pick for a home which stands for the environment.

In India, institutions like the National Institute of Design have pioneered the research work in things that can be designed in bamboo. Taking the research further is Professor MP Ranjan of NID who has devoted most of his time on bamboo furniture. Prof Ranjan has contributed many furniture designs using bamboo, some of which can be found in NID. According to Prof Ranjan, bamboo furniture is way expensive. While a dinner table for four with chairs may cost around more than 1 lakh rupees, experts in the field however say that this material stands for durability.

There are many ways in which you can bring home the bamboo:
1)If you think, clothes is a too far fetched idea, then think about furniture
2)Instead of the regular furniture, if you are looking for a change, certainly go for bamboo stuff.
3)If space is what you want to save, bamboo coffee table, chairs, for that matter reading table would not only make your home beautiful, but they will add an element of enigma and intrigue.
4)Bamboo centre table, bamboo stool along with bamboo sofa set only will add more class to your hall.
5)Invest in bamboo in a planned way. If you want to feel special while going to sleep, a bamboo bed will not only satiate your minimalistic instinct, but will also make your room envied.

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