E-Glasses To Hit Market This Year

LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA: Gadget fans and gizmo addicts , keep an eye out for next big thingamabob. Soon you can have it keep an eye out for you. Google’s Sergei Brin let the world have a sneak peek at it on Wednesday, wearing the device that has acquired an almost mythical status since it was rumoured to be in the works some months back. It’s the Google Glass or Google Goggles, a hands-free , voiceactivated , augmented-reality headset from Google, which enables the world (or internet ) to just hang out on your spectacle frame. To take a picture while you’re wearing Google Glass, all you have to do is say “take picture” . That’s just the start.

It can browse the internet, pull up maps, give you news, weather, and read email with voice commands… Revealing his vision, literally , Brin told the TED2013 conference that the new device would enable people to connect with information without disconnecting from people — like they do now when they have to look down into a smartphone or tablet. Google Glass, is a “spectacular” piece of equipment that has gearheads all agog. Just a few pieces are out and about, and Brin said a “few early, bleeding-edge adopters are applying to get them” by tweeting to #ifihadglass. Brin expects the device to be in the market by the yearend at $1,500 a piece.

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