Human effort finds fruition when divine will prevails. Faith in this truth takes root in those who have achieved and attained success in their ventures, regardless of the field of their pursuit. Scriptures, the Puranas and the Itihasas make it very clear that any prayer will bear fruit depending on the heartfelt intensity of the appeal, pointed out Sri Rama Sarma in a lecture.

Valmiki makes it clear that the basis of success in all the ventures of Hanuman is his implicit faith in Rama’s grace. Hanuman, for all his strength, resourcefulness, courage and fearlessness is virtuous and modest.

The monkeys are despondent when they have not made any headway in their search for Sita. Though they know from Sampati that Sita is in Lanka in Ravana’s custody, crossing the ocean to go to Lanka seems an impossible task.

The wise Jambhavan talks to Hanuman patiently so that Hanuman finds courage and faith in his innate strength. Hanuman gains confidence but never forgets Rama’s grace. At every step, when he is engaged in this effort that is beset with hurdles and dangers of every kind, this faith is the unseen guide leading him to success. Before crossing the ocean, he offers worship and prayer to Surya, Indra, Vayu, Brahma and all creation.

He increases his form in size and presses the Mahendra Mountain with his feet and begins to fly across the ocean with outstretched arms and hands. When Hanuman alights on the shores of Lanka, he is more aware of the dangers and hence is alert about the surroundings and people. He passes through the exquisitely planned palaces and gardens of Ravana during the night but does not see Sita anywhere. At such times when his spirit and hope seem to be drained from him, it is his faith that sustains him. Once again he prays to Rama, Lakshmana, Sita, Rudra, Indraand other celestial beings. He then sees Asoka Vana and experiences a strange feeling of exhilaration in his inner self that tells him that Sita is likely to be in this place.

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