One of the oldest techniques of holistic rejuvenation, oil massage, has been prevalent in our country for centuries. Reams have been written about its benefits. Ritu Singh Tanwar, an aesthetician who also specialises in massages, says, “The best thing about them is that not just physically, massages also benefit you emotionally.” Oil massages are part of purification, prevention and rejuvenation processes, The famous Indian tel maalish is now popular globally.

Physical benefits

Oil massage improves overall health, increases longevity, perks up skin tone and hair, and works well for anti-ageing. A full body massage hydrates skin, aids blood circulation, muscle relaxation, calms the nervous system, and improves lymphatic circulation, which helps in flushing out the toxins from the body.

Emotional benefits

Dr Sonal Shah, trichologist, who has also developed many natural detox therapies says, “One of the best emotional benefits that a massage can give is the sense of touch — it is a direct transfer of energy.” This helps you de-stress. Dr Sonal adds, “A massage also gives you time to unwind. Those one or two hours of ‘me time’ have a huge emotional benefit.” She explains that negative thought processes, worries and anxiety are all released after a massage session and toxins are flushed out.

“There are certain hormones that are secreted after a massage that rejuvenate and repair one emotionally,” she adds. When you get a massage by a professional, it leads to a lingering sense of calm and gives a definite relief from mental stress/tension. Moses adds, “A massage is known to improve your sense of well-being. It is a great aid to deal with any form of stress, which is the root cause for most sicknesses.”

Go for the quickie!

A head massage is a brilliant go-to, if you are time-strapped. This relieves you off your daily stress and anxiety and helps you focus better. It also lends a ‘feel good’ aura.

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