Women, don’t take your health for granted. Ensure that these nutrients are a regular part of your diet…




Women have a tendency to suffer from weak bones, especially as they age. This is why calcium is so very important to build strong bones. An estimated 30 million women suffer from osteoporosis in India. And while awareness has increased in recent years, women still need to wake up to the importance of calcium in their diet. Ensure you consume plenty of dairy products. Fortified juice, yogurt and soy milk are great sources of calcium.

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A deficiency in iron can cause anaemia — a very common problem among women. Iron gets oxygen to your cells and a lack of it makes you lethargic and tired. Include lean meat like chicken and turkey as well as fortified cereals and beans in your diet.


Vitamin D


The calcium you consume will be useless if your body does not produce adequate vitamin D, which helps your body absorb calcium. Vitamin D is found in fish like tuna and salmon as well as in fortified orange juice.


Folic acid


While folic acid is very important for pregnant women, it is essential for the rest as well. Experts say that folic acid helps your cells divide and is found in green, leafy vegetables, juices, beans, fortified cereal and nuts.




An important nutrient in building healthy bones and muscles, protein also fights germs, breaks down everything you eat and controls your metabolism. Found in poultry, red meat, fish and nuts, studies say that women require at least 45 grams of protein daily.




Not only does fibre keep your blood sugar and cholesterol levels in check, it also help you digest your food better. Fibre is found in vegetables, fruits, whole-grain breads and cereals, nuts and beans.


Vitamin C


Want healthy bones and glowing skin? Make sure you’re getting enough vitamin C. Stock up on red pepper, broccoli and citrus fruits. Drink orange juice at least thrice a week.


Omega-3 fatty acids


Omega-3 fatty acids are ‘good’ fats known to reduce the risk of heart disease. And you can find it in fish like sardines, salmon, herring, trout and mackerel. Walnuts and flaxseeds also contain omega-3 fatty acids.

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