Face Says A Lot About Organs’ Health

Your reflection reveals more about your health than you think. Ancient Chinese beliefs say that your face can tell you about the health of your inner organs…

Acne on the forehead
Your forehead is linked to the digestive system and the space between the brows is connected to your liver. When you eat too many foods that are rich and oily, or go on an alcohol bingeing spree, it results in a breakout in these areas. Improve your eating habits. Eat a nourishing diet and keep your body hydrated. Spots on the cheeks There could be many reasons for this. While dirty bed linen and hormonal imbalances could be a few, cheeks are linked to your lungs. So recurring spots indicate respiratory problems.

Excessive body hair
Excessive hair could point towards an underlying endocrine disorder — get yourself checked by a doctor. One of the symptoms of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is excessive body apart from acne, infrequent periods and weight gain.

Spots on the chin
As women go through stages in their menstrual cycle, imbalances cause spots and breakouts on the chin and jaw line. However, persistent spots could be a hormone imbalance or an endocrine disorder like Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. Get your hormone levels checked.
Dark circles
While in some cases dark circles are hereditary, if you notice a dramatic increase or realise they’re getting worse, it may point to some problems. The area under your eyes is connected to your kidneys, so big changes indicate dehydration or accumulating toxins. Increase water intake and avoid excessive coffee, alcohol and salt. Other reasons include anaemia.
Discoloured tongue
If you have a lack of iron or vitamin B12), your tongue will get red and sore. If there is a blue discolouration, it could indicate a lack of oxygen in your blood stream. White lesions are a sign of oral thrush.

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