10 gm oyster mushrooms, 10 gm shiitake mushrooms, 20 gm fresh mushrooms, 40 gm mushroom paste, 50 gm white sauce, 30 ml fresh cream, 10 gm garlic (peeled), 1 gm parsley, 20 gm parmesan cheese, 10 gm olive tapenade, 80 gm penne pasta, 2 portions of garlic bread, 80 ml olive oil, salt to taste


Soak the shitake and oyster mushroom in hot water. When it becomes soft, keep some mushroom aside and cut it into cubes. Saute remaining mushroom with garlic and make the pasta. Keep aside.

Blanch the pasta in hot boiling water with oil and salt. Keep aside.

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Now make the white sauce for it. Mix together butter and refined flour and add it to the boiling milk. Cook it well.

Take a pan, saute garlic. Add cubed mushrooms to it. Add some white sauce and then the pasta and cream. Cook for a while, check for seasoning. Lastly add the parmesan cheese to it. Garnish with olive tapenade, grated parmesan cheese and chopped parsley.

Serve hot with garlic bread.

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