We suggest some ways to keep your armpits smooth and free from itchy rashes. There are some parts of our body, which are sensitive to a lot of things, especially areas where hair removal is a common practise, including armpits and private areas.

Certain people get rashes when they use a deodorant near their armpit because of the chemicals. Here are certain tips for sensitive armpits that can keep you comfortable and irritation free.

If you are a regular user of razors then pay a little more attention to the blades. Try and get the best ones. Disposable razors or blades work best for people who are sensitive. When you use a normal razor hair and soap gets stuck in the blade and become a breeding ground for bacteria. So it’s advisable to change the blade every week.

Waxing is the best method for people who have sensitive armpits. Since you only have to wax every four to six weeks, you will not be irritating the skin in the armpit between sessions.

Chemicals from deodorants and antiperspirants can further irritate sensitive armpits. If you know that deos do not suit you, consult a doctor. Otherwise, using a talcum is the best option.

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Sweating leaves the armpits moist and warm, which may result in fungal growth in that area. You should dry your armpits well after showering and try not to keep them wet to avoid any infection.

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