From Sydney With Love

Story: Rohit loves Megha. Megha loves Rohit. But Raj love Megha too. But Lubaina loves Raj. All this and more, against the backdrop of Sydney harbor.

Movie Review: Now here is a movie that gives away way too much in its title: You know it’s a love story. You know it’s bound to be shot in Sydney. And on those two fronts you are not really disappointed. After all, Sydney does not really need a strong plot to look all that rocking. And if it’s love (and a story around it) that we’re talking about, who needs intellectual stuff. But then that does not mean you can just walk away with anything in mind.
In this case, it’s primarily the low-on-EQ (Emotional Quotient) stuff that takes away all that charm from a movie with an otherwise fresh star cast. Too many people falling in love with each other; no explanations on how getting out of that love nest (read mess) is a cakewalk; too many sweet nothings but no real somethings between the love birds. Next is Megha, a small — very, very small — town girl from nowhere, who lands up in Sydney, falls in love and is completely taken aback.

Why? How can she fall in love when ‘baba’ has sent her overseas for higher studies! How can she live there any further when she just ended up getting a little naughty (of course, it’s the post-one-sip magic) with the very man she loves! The outcome: Our super hero is caught running between Sydney and the village to woo his lady love.
Hard to digest — even with those great Aussie shots, gaana shaana, typical Indianisms, a couple of not-so-bad jokes — considering the cast is all young. Sure we can do better next time

Movie review
Cast: Sharad Malhotra, Prateek Chakravorty, Bidita Bag, Reshmi Ghosh, Karan Sagoo, Evelyn Sharma
Direction: Prateek Chakravorty
Genre: Romantic Comedy

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