1 litre white sauce,1 litre milk,100 gms butter,100 gms refined flour,1 gm salt Garlic mushroom sauce,100 gms button mushrooms,10 gms of chopped garlic,50 gms white sauce,2 gms thyme,10 ml white wine,20 ml fresh cream,25 gms cheddar cheese,1 gm salt,1 gm white pepper powder,25 gms butter Whole mushroom in liquor,100 gms button mushrooms,50 ml white wine,10 gms garlic,2 gms salt,1 gm thyme,2 gms chopped garlic,2 gms leek,150 ml vegetable stock,30 ml refined oil Garlic mushroom (for garnishing),Six pieces of mushroom in liquor,125 gms of mushroom sauce,2 to 3 gms Parmesan cheese,1 gm chopped parsley

For the white sauce , melt the butter in a pan and heat for while add the flour and cook , boil the milk and keep it ready and finally add to the flour and butter mix and whisk well add salt and finish. Now for the mushroom sauce chop the mushroom fine and now heat the butter in a pan, saute the garlic and add the chopped mushroom now cook till the mushroom is soft , add the thyme and white sauce.

Now add the cream and finally white wine and cheese , check the seasoning and keep aside. The mushroom stems have to be removed and only the top half has to be used, start by heating the butter in a pan and sauteeing garlic and leek. Now add the mushroom and cook when it becomes soft add the thyme and white wine.

Finally add the stock and cook till the mushroom is cooked. For the assembling, take the desired portion of the mushroom sauce along with the number mushroom pieces required and heat . Finish with some cream if it is dry or veg stock can also be used , serve it with a garnish of grated parmesan cheese and parsley along with focaccia or any other variety of bread.

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