People spend fortunes in a bid to have glowing skin like celebrities around the world. While some use natural products, some use expensive cosmetics to get that much-required skin sheen. Recently, however, a new trend is fast catching up among youngsters and middle-aged people alike — consuming plenty of fresh fruit juices — to enhance the quality of the skin. Given the fact that most fruits are high on nutrients and minerals, fruit juices are excellent to get that glow on your skin. Also, by virtue of the fact that fruit juices are easily and quickly absorbed by the body, they show quick results on the skin too. Says Tupur Chakraborty, 23, “Although I have recently joined a job and have a really busy schedule, juggling between tutions, college and the job, I make it a point to eat healthy and consume at least a glass of fruit juice everyday without fail. This is a habit that my mother inculcated in me but it really helps keep acne problems at bay and makes the skin look very healthy.” Some of the most popular juices consumed for great skin are orange, juice, apple juce, lemon juice and watermelon juice. But, vegetable juices, like juices of papaya, spinach and cabbage also help to give a shine to the skin, making it healthy from within. Well, if glowing skin comes with consumption of something as tasty as fruit juices, no one should be complaining.

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