While space is a problem in the city, planting a few vegetables, fruits or just herbs on your kitchen windowsill or in your balcony will not only increase the aesthetic value, but also provide you with healthy and fresh ingredients for your meals. With these simple steps, you can grow your own kitchen garden.

Plan your site
Opt for the sunniest spot in your house, one where you get at least six hours of sunlight daily, to grow the plants. Ideally, choose a spot that is nearest to your kitchen.

Choose your veggies
It is best to plant fruits and vegetables that you like to eat and consume on a regular basis. Also, go for veggies that are quick to grow and don’t require much space. Salad garden is a good option as lettuce, radish and other greens require lesser maintenance and grow quickly.

Plant herbs, too
Planting herbs in your garden is a good option as their freshly plucked leaves add flavour to your meals. The most popular herbs include curry leaf, basil, thyme, rosemary, mint and parsley.

Select proper containers
While investing in earthen pots is a good option for your plants, you can also recycle and reuse plastic bottles, buckets or bathtubs to grow vegetables.

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Take care while planting
You can buy seedlings at nurseries. However, plant them carefully, without harming the tender roots. You can also grow seeds that you might have scooped out of the veggies.

Maintain your garden
Keep a regular check on your garden to prevent breeding of insects. Go for ‘companion gardening’, like, planting garlic between two tomato plants.

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