Unless you’re aware of the hidden signs of depression, you might just consider yourself a victim of circumstance and suffering and easily overlook the very obvious signs of depression.

Here are a few indicators:
LOW IMMUNITY: An obvious sign of depression is low immunity. Low moods can lead to lower physical activity which can greatly weaken one’s immunity. If you find yourself falling sick often, don’t ignore it. TIRED AND FATIGUED: Do you find yourself wanting to sleep all the time. Does a few hours of work make you tired and lethargic? It might be a hidden sign of depression. If you find yourself tired often, don’t succumb to it because physical inactivity can only worsen the condition.

LOW MOTIVATION: This is a very obvious indicator towards depression. Not wanting to go to work, not wanting to interact with people, finding yourself in a miserable state of mind, are all clear signs of depression. EATING HABITS: If you skip meals through the day and find yourself hogging at night, be careful. Unhealthy eating habits can give rise to a number of eating disorders or even weight issues which can contribute immensely to your low state of mind.

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