In 2016 | Expecting to combat Type-1 Diabetes (used to be called juvenile Diabetes)

Type -1 diabetes is the second most common chronic disease in children in India. There are one million children with diabetes in India.(may be more)

One author called them “step children”. Twelve thousand children die each year because of diabetes. They don’t need to.

The real cause of Type-1 diabetes is elusive, but we do have few theories:

  1. Genetic susceptibility.
  2. Autoimmunity
  3. Environmental trigger
  4. Entero viruses

Hence the research for the cause of type-1 diabetes is of paramount importance.

In spite of the efforts of many organizations, the management of these children is less than satisfactory.

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In 2016, The Eye Foundation of America would like to work with the local organizations in India to promote awareness; supplying insulin to the deserving poor families and prepare the children to lead a normal productive life. Preparedness is a lifestyle: EFA would like to collaborate with the organizations in India( in 2016) and make it an ongoing program.

Dr. V.K. Raju


Author: Dr. V.K. Raju

Eye Surgeon Morgantown, WV



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