Yoghurt is one of the most beneficial food items and must be made a part of everyone’s daily diet.

It is not just rich in calcium -which is good for the bones -but protein as well, which helps build muscles. Yoghurt is also good for the skin and hair. Here are some other benefits…

It aids digestion. Eating yoghurt after a meal stimulates digestion, as it helps absorb nutrients from the other food that you have consumed.

It is an anti-oxidant that not only keeps the body cool, but also cleanses it.

The bacteria present in yoghurt boosts immunity by fighting different microorganisms in the body.

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Yoghurt contains several vitamins that ensure your nervous system functions well.

Apply yoghurt on your scalp to keep dandruff at bay . The lactic acid and anti-fungal properties make it a good home remedy.

It is also good for the skin as it contains vitamin E, zinc and phosphorous. Add yoghurt to homemade facial packs for better results.

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