Keep Up The Glamour In Your Relationship

Doing things in style can help to keep the romance alive. In the initial stages of a relationship, most people take keen interest in dressing up well, going to good places, buying gifts, and talking well. Basically, they put in efforts to present themselves in the best possible manner perhaps to impress the other.But as time passes, more and more people start taking the other for granted and don’t mind meeting them in even their just-out-of-bed look. Although it’s not a great deal, yet many a times these little factors can be a cause for the romance to sneak out of the window.

Style speaks
It’s important to have a right attitude and a right approach. Have your own style in all that you do. Take up some etiquette classes. It may not be necessary that you have to be aristocratically formal with each other, but a little English style romance won’t be that bad either.
Groom sense
No you don’t have to move around in that red cocktail dress at home for your man everyday. But look good. Look fresh, and most importantly, look happy to see him. And just in case, if his friends or colleagues happen to drop by, you don’t want to be caught dead in those torn slacks and the green facemask.
Dish it right
The Japanese believe that we eat with the eyes first, so presenting anything well enhances the experience. Even if you’re an atrocious cook, you can still serve ready-meals with style. Be willing to experiment. Keep the recipes simple and put in the creativity in the way you lay it out. Well-cut salad ingredients, with a dash of herbs, or a few dried herbs for garnishing can make a world of difference.
Dinner dates
It’s not necessary that you have to spend a lot on lavish meals. Go out during happy hours in restaurants, or places that have some festive offers. Point is to have fun together at a good place without it being heavy on the pocket for both of you. As long as these small things can be worked out, it would really be an adventure everyday

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