Varnished wood is considered to be one of the most popular surfaces available in furniture. Rooms with varnished woodwork not only look elegant, but it is also considered stylish, but it needs special care. Cleaning your varnished wood furniture from time to time helps restore its appearance and sheen. Here’s how you can do it:

1. Protect the wood from water and other liquids, such as alcohol, food or cosmetics. Don’t allow water or other liquids to settle on a wood surface as it leaves behind a stain.

2. Keep varnish wood free of dust and dirt, as it can make the surface grimy. Use a vacuum cleaner, or a dry, soft, lint free cloth can also help remove dust and smudges. Lightly soiled varnished surfaces can be cleaned by using teak oil. For heavily soiled surfaces, dampen a soft cloth with a mixture of mild soap, and warm water.

3. Stickiness or light soil can be removed, by first cleaning the wood surface with a damp cloth and then immediately rubbing it with a dry cloth. Test in an inconspicuous spot before you do this, and never leave a damp cloth sitting on the varnished surface.

4. Varnished wood should be waxed or polished each year to keep its lustre. This prevents wax build-up and also protects the surface from moisture and dust. To remove the wax buildup, use a cloth dampened with mineral spirits or synthetic turpentine. Do not use natural turpentine as it may leave a sticky residue. Protect your skin by wearing rubber gloves and wash the gloves in hot sudsy water before storing.

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