Lack Of Sleep Puts You In Bad Moodnew Italian Flick

Here’s something that will interest a lot of men. And, even women. Here’s something that will interest a lot of men. And, even women. A new study has revealed that lack of sleep makes women feel grumpy the next morning — so don’t take their attitude too personally next time. While lack of sleep can affect both men and women, it seems that women are more affected because they require more sleep than men and can suffer mentally as well as physically if they don’t get their precious snooze time.

So if you haven’t got adequate sleep the night before and are looking to change your mood, here are simple ways… – Feel like biting everyone’s head off ? It is best you avoid interacting with people unless necessary. Stay alone for some time and ask yourself if it is worth saying or doing something that you might regret later. – When you’re in a bad mood, you are tempted to stick to a story that justifies it. Don’t. Let it go.

Only you are in charge of your mood and can change it. – Generate positive feelings. Read inspirational quotes, listen to songs that uplift your mood, watch a movie, read your favourite book, go out shopping or eat your favourite snack. – Spend some time with your pet. Just petting your pet will evoke a sense of calmness and well-being.

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