Making the Diwali hamper

Diwali is the time when gifts are exchanged. While there are a lot of options easily available in the market for gifts, it’s always nice when someone gives something handmade -and it is cost effective as well. Here are a few ways in which you can put together a basic hamper at home to gift your friends:

SWEETS There are different kinds of sweets that you can put into your hamper, but the most common are Motichur Laddus and Kaju Katlis. While you can always buy them in bulk from sweet shops, you can also make them at home.

DIYAS Mud diyas are available in stores, and, in abundance, from roadside vendors as well. You can hand paint them with oil paints. Get a little creative and stick small mirrors and glitter powder on them with a little glue. Get medium-sized diyas and paint one for each hamper.

CHOCOLATES While it might look that you are giving an overdose of sweets during Diwali, tradition calls for it. You need to distribute sweets during the festive season and, of late, people have also started including chocolates and cupcakes in their hampers.

DRY FRUITS To bring a little balance to the overdose of sweet, you could add salted dry fruits or some sort of namkeen in your hamper.

BASKET You can reuse fruit baskets that you might have got at some point of time or you can buy such baskets at a store. Try getting one from a wholesale store as you might be able to get it for a reasonable price, depending on the quantity you buy .

CANDLES There are many different candle designs available in the market during Diwali.You can include a candle to add a bit of colour to the hamper

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