Homemade beauty masks are an easy-to-do deal. Another good thing about it, it comes cheap and handy. Here’s a moisture mask for your hair, so it becomes soft, lustrous and shiny in just about ten minutes.

What you need is
1. An avocado
2. Vitamin E oil or Vitamin E gel capsules
3. Oil of your choice; we recommend coconut oil as it’s easily available and also great for the hair

What you need to do:
1. Remove the seeds from the avocado after splitting it into half. Now, spoon it out into a blending bowl.
2. Take about one fourth or less of a teaspoon of Vitamin E oil. If this oil is not easily accessible to you, we recommend you buy Vitamin E gel capsules (available at your local chemist) and squeeze out the oil from it after piercing it.
3. Pour about a teaspoon of coconut oil (you can also use any other oil of your choice like jojoba, olive oil or almond oil).
4. Blend all of this in a mixer/blender. Make sure you get a whipped consistency so it is easy to apply.

What to do:
Apply this creamy mask all over your hair. Another way to apply this would be using the ponytail method. For this, tie your hair up in a ponytail, saturate the ends of it and then cover it using a plastic hair wrap. After applying this mask, leave it in your hair for about 10 to 20 minutes. Finally, shampoo and condition it as usual.

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