Cast: Vivek Oberoi, Neha Sharma, Nasser
Direction: Vinnil Markan
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Duration: 2 hours 5 minutes

Damsel in distress moves into bad neighbourhood and is bailed out by a golden-hearted, lovelorn don. Of course, with a few lessons in ‘bhaiology’ and romantic chemistry

REVIEW: Bhai-log and behno, here’s another ‘Don’ film and it’s daringly different. Yes, it has un(don)e the deadly Don and given us an all new, improved, purified soul. Bole toh, a bhai with a big-heart; who does more bhaichara than bhaigiri. He has a sense of ‘humours’ (bhai style), says ‘ladies first’ (chivalrous, alright) and is a master in ‘bhai-ology’. Meet Jayantabhai (Vivek), a small-time Mumbai gangster, who’s more Munnabhai than Jayantabhai, really.

While JB tries to win over his big boss Altaf bhai and become his right-hand hench, he bumps into his friendly and feisty neighbour Simran (Neha) – struggling to find a foothold in big, bad Mumbai. Over anda-bhurji and endless banter in bhai-bhasha (refer to dialect dictionary for Dons) he falls in love with his pretty ‘English Vinglish’ padosan. Simran grapples with ‘singlegirl- in-big-city’ issues like roti and makaan; as far as kapda goes, she’s somehow impeccably dressed at all times (huh!).

They develop an endearing bond (with lovable chemistry); and Don suddenly turns into dilwala, and a new chapter on luv-shuv is introduced in ‘bhai-ology’. Vivek is cool, confident and in his ‘fulltoo’ element. He’s donned the bhai role several times, but Jayantabhai is total jhakaas.

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He adds zest to his character, with ‘donnisms’, punctuating it with bang-on comic-timing. Neha is a delight onscreen; looking stunning as ‘bubblegum’ or ‘babe’. She shows immense spark, performing with spunk and style. Vinnil Markan’s ‘feel-good’ goofy ‘gangsta’ story is told with simplicity and modesty. It’s not a slick, stylized gang-fest with shootouts and shenanigans, but an uncomplicated story of a good-goonda who wears his heart (instead of his gun) on his sleeve.

The screenplay is average and it waits a while to takeoff. And we wish it had a bit more ‘Ram Leela’ (read: drama in bhai lingo), but overall it entertains.