Nagaland lies in the northeast corner of India and has beautiful steep hills, lush green valleys and exotic tribes. The tourist attractions in Nagaland are very few as it is serene land with an untouched environment that still remains natural. Displaying a strange relationship of myths, history and mystery, Nagaland is a place where valiant people lead a vibrant life steeped in their own customs and heritage. Nagaland contains a multitude of flora and fauna in its dense woodland.

Tourist Places
The Tribes A variety of attractions in Nagaland are among its people, folklores and festivals. The strongly built martial tribes with spears and head-gears display an amazing look. As many as 16 tribes live here which differ from one another in their attires, traditions and cultural heritage.

The capital of Nagaland is the land of the Angami Naga Tribe. Kohima has a ceremonial gateway that reflects typical tribal architecture and handicrafts in its houses. The impressive gateway is adorned with designs and patterns of weapons, warriors and folk prosperity-symbols.

World War II Cemetery
During the World War II, the combined troop of the British and Indians stopped the Japanese troop in Kohima. It was known as the “Battle of Kohima”. The martyrs lie buried here on the slopes of Garrison Hill. An epitaph placed over there reads: “When you go home, tell them of us and say for your tomorrow, we gave our today”.

Shangnyu Village
An 8 ft high and 12 ft wide wooden monument stands in this village and is believed that heavenly angels constructed it. The village is ruled by Angh- the hereditary chief; there are other memorial stones in front of the Angh’s palace.

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Japfu Peak
The second highest peak in the state boasts of the tallest Rhododendron which measure over 130 ft. in height and the girth at the base of around 11 ft. It was featured in the Guinness Book of World Records. The peak fascinates tourists with its breathtaking views of the Himalayan peaks beyond the extensive Kohima town.

Nagaland State Museum
The museum is situated in Kohima and is among the major attractions of Nagaland. The museum exhibits the evolution of Naga culture and offers a look into various tribal habitats existing in the eastern territories of India. The museum contains rare artifacts of the 16 tribes of Nagaland, the Naga Morung hut models, musical instruments made of bamboo and buffalo horns.

Dzukou Valley
Located at a distance of around 25 km from Kohima, the Valley is one of the prime attractions in Nagaland and is famous for its trekking trails. At an altitude of 2,438 m, the dense valley of bamboo bush is decorated with Euphorbia, Aconitum, Lilies, and Rhododendrons.

Dimapur is the largest city of Nagaland and is well-known for the Rangapahar Reserve Forest, the Diezephe Craft Village and mediaeval ruins of Kachari Kingdom. Several edifices can be found here dating back to the 13th century. The Dimapur Green Park is also located here and has lakes with facilities for boating.

Intanki Wildlife Sanctuary
The Intanki Wildlife Sanctuary is located at a distance of approximately 37 km from Dimapur and is popular forest reserves in Nagaland. This sanctuary is inhabited with baboons, elephants, wild buffaloes, barking deer, flying squirrels, tigers, wild dogs, sloth bears, hornbills and many more species of fauna. Facilities for safari are also provided in the sanctuary.