Many of us are afflicted with back pain, which we tend to ignore or pay very little attention to, during the course of a busy day.

But you cannot overlook the fact that back pain can make it difficult for you to stand up, sit down or even walk around comfortably. So it’s best you try some of the following natural remedies and get yourself some relief.

Increase your intake of Vitamin D 

A study looked at the prevalence of vitamin D deficiency in 150 people with chronic musculoskeletal pain and found that 93 per cent of patients had vitamin D deficiency!So all people with persistent, non-specific musculoskeletal pain should get themselves screened for vitamin D deficiency.

Indulge in some music therapy

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Low cost and enjoyable, music has been found to reduce the disability, anxiety, and depression associated with chronic back pain. It has an immediate effect on reducing pain, although the results are not statistically significant.

Try some breathing techniques

To reduce pain, try some breathing techniques that make use of the mind-body connection. These techniques integrate body awareness, breathing, movement, and meditation. The best thing about them is that they are safe, free of cost and you can do them at home!

Get a soothing massage

The first thing that comes to your mind when you think of a backache is to get a nice massage. Massages may be effective for sub acute and chronic pain. What’s more, they reduce anxiety and depression associated with chronic pain. In fact, massage therapy is the most popular therapy for low back pain during pregnancy.

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