New app that alerts users about call drops

NEW DELHI (TIP): Seeking to cash in on the call drop menace, a Pune-based startup claims to have launched a mobile application that will alert caller about possibility of call drop after analysing a host of factors.

“We have launched ‘smartbro Range’ app which alerts user about possibility of call drops when they open phone dialer. The app checks various factors to calculate the risk of call drop including network strength, phone hardware, battery level, RAM utilisation, if the phone user moving/travelling etc,” Optinno Mobitech CEO Sagar Bedmutha told PTI.

He said that at present the app checks factor that can lead to call drop on caller side and in six months it will also alert risk of call drop on destination network. “We will be able to add this feature in next 3-6 months but as of now it is not a high priority area,” Bedmutha said.

The users can also track the number of call drops that occurred with smartbro Range. He said that smartbro Range is first mobile application in the world around call drop management.

Call drop is a raging issue in India. Telecom regulator TRAI has issued a rule asking service providers to compensate Re 1 for each call drop with upper limit being up to three call drops a day. The regulation, however, has been challenged and matter is still subjudice. Optinno Mobitech is planning to add the option to report a call drop to telecom companies from within the app. “This not only brings more accuracy to call drop estimation, but it also empowers the users to ask the telecom companies to provide a better service,” Bemutha said.

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